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The Art of Carpet Care

Goofs and Consequences



Using too much chemical will attract soil back onto the carpet.


Neglecting to rinse the spot remover may allow the stain to return.


Blotting or scrubbing with a colored cloth may transfer that color to the carpet.


Applying the wrong product to the carpet may permanently damage the fibers.



Leaving electronic equipment unplugged may cause others difficulty.


Failure to replace old bags and filters will clog the machine, leaving debris on the floor.

Spin Bonnet


Using a dirty bonnet will grind dirt back into the carpet.


Applying the wrong chemical will cause the carpet to resoil.


Overly soaking the carpet will cause a long drying period.


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Prespraying over too large an area may cause the product to dry prematurely.


Failure to prespray the carpet may result in a low-quality cleaning.


Over-mixing the chemical will cause the carpet to attract soil.

Extraction Cleaners


Excessively wetting the carpet will extend the drying period.


Continuing extraction when solution has run dry will leave streaks on the carpet.


Neglecting to overlap your passes may also leave streaks on the carpet.

Rotary Power Cleaning


Dampening the carpet too much will begin a long dry time.


Applying shampoo with too stiff a brush could damage the carpet.

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