The Art of Carpet Care

  • Using too much chemical will attract soil back onto the carpet.
  • Neglecting to rinse the spot remover may allow the stain to return.
  • Blotting or scrubbing with a colored cloth may transfer that color to the carpet.
  • Applying the wrong product to the carpet may permanently damage the fibers.
  • Leaving electronic equipment unplugged may cause others difficulty.
  • Failure to replace old bags and filters will clog the machine, leaving debris on the floor.
Spin Bonnet
  • Using a dirty bonnet will grind dirt back into the carpet.
  • Applying the wrong chemical will cause the carpet to resoil.
  • Overly soaking the carpet will cause a long drying period.
  • Prespraying over too large an area may cause the product to dry prematurely.
  • Failure to prespray the carpet may result in a low-quality cleaning.
  • Over-mixing the chemical will cause the carpet to attract soil.
Extraction Cleaners
  • Excessively wetting the carpet will extend the drying period.
  • Continuing extraction when solution has run dry will leave streaks on the carpet.
  • Neglecting to overlap your passes may also leave streaks on the carpet.
Rotary Power Cleaning
  • Dampening the carpet too much will begin a long dry time.
  • Applying shampoo with too stiff a brush could damage the carpet.
  • Start out with clean, cool or warm water.
  • On grouted floors use, a stripping brush.
  • Don’t cover too large an area.
  • Move machine slowly and overlap the passes.
  • Walk where you’ve scrubbed.
  • Flip pads to avoid clogging.
  • Never put stripper in the solution tank of an autoscrubber; this can damage the machine.
  • Change rinse water frequently.
  • Store wet pads in a plastic bag.
  • When finished, clean all equipment.
  • Wipe equipment and power cords clean.
  • Use a clean bucket and wringer.
  • Use a mop head specifically designed for applying finish.
  • Apply even, medium coats.
  • Stay 12″ off the base boards and edges to prevent buildup on the first coat and every other coat after that.
  • Allow ten minutes before using a fan.
  • Don’t pour unused finish back into container.
Daily Maintenance
  • Dry and wet clean daily for best results.
  • When mopping, change mop water as it dirties.
  • Clean up equipment after use.
  • Remember to plug in the autoscrubber after use.
  • When using a mop, frame your area so you don’t splash water on the baseboards.
Spray Buffing
  • Match the pad to the machine.
  • Work small areas at a time.
  • Flip or replace the pads when needed.
  • If it takes more than 3-4 passes to buff out, use less product.
  • Always clean the floor first.
  • Match the pad to the floor finish.
  • Do not leave the machine in one place too long.
Scrub and Recoat
  • When using an autoscrubber, use the double scrub method.
  • When damp mop rinsing, use a clean mop.