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The Art of Floor Care

Goofs and Consequences



Covering too large of an area will cause the stripper to dry into the floor.


Failure to allow sufficient dwell time will leave patches of finish on the floor.


Utilizing a clogged pad may also leave patches of finish on the floor.



Using a dirty mop will leave streaks on the floor.


Pouring finish into a dirty bucket may dull the floor.


Attempting to recoat the floor before the finish has dried may dull it as well.


Utilizing the floor fan too soon will cause ripples to appear in the finish.

Daily Maintenance


Using too much chemical will leave the floor sticky following completion.


Operating a dirty mop or mixing with dirty water may leave streaks in the finish.


Neglecting to clean the walk-off mat will allow dirt to track in with foot traffic.


Endeavoring to scrub using a dirty pad will grind dirt into the floor.

Spray Buffing


Using too much spray buff may dull the floor.


Scrubbing with a dirty pad will grind dirt into the floor.


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Failing to clean the floor prior to burnishing will grind dirt and debris in the finish.


Burnishing with a pad that is too aggressive may scratch the finish.

Scrub and Recoat


Recoating with the wrong chemical will leave the floor dirty and shiny.


Using too spongy a pad may also leave the floor dirty and shiny.


Scrubbing the floor too rapidly will leave dry, shiny patches.


Rinsing with dirty water will cause the finish to peel up from the floor.

Professional Tips



Start out with clean, cool or warm water.


On grouted floors use, a stripping brush.


Don’t cover too large an area.


Move machine slowly and overlap the passes.


Walk where you’ve scrubbed.


Flip pads to avoid clogging.


Never put stripper in the solution tank of an autoscrubber; this can damage the machine.


Change rinse water frequently.


Store wet pads in a plastic bag.


When finished, clean all equipment.


Wipe equipment and power cords clean.



Use a clean bucket and wringer.


Use a mop head specifically designed for applying finish.


Apply even, medium coats.


Stay 12" off the base boards and edges to prevent buildup on the first coat and every other coat after that.


Allow ten minutes before using a fan.


Don’t pour unused finish back into container.

Daily Maintenance


Dry and wet clean daily for best results.


When mopping, change mop water as it dirties.


Clean up equipment after use.


Remember to plug in the autoscrubber after use.


When using a mop, frame your area so you don’t splash water on the baseboards.

Spray Buffing


Match the pad to the machine.


Work small areas at a time.


Flip or replace the pads when needed.


If it takes more than 3-4 passes to buff out, use less product.



Always clean the floor first.


Match the pad to the floor finish.


Do not leave the machine in one place too long.

Scrub and Recoat


When using an autoscrubber, use the double scrub method.


When damp mop rinsing, use a clean mop.

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