Wood Floors – Most wood floor finishes can be machine-scrubbed to remove soil and grime. Once the floors are clean, we apply a durable gloss finish that will beautify and help protect your wood floor against staining and wear. The premium high gloss finish we apply is commonly used to refinish gymnasium floors. There are no odors or harmful vapors associated with our product, and most floors are completely dry and able to be used in less than 24 hours. Other finishes take several days to cure, and tend to have hazardous vapors associated with them.

Ceramic Tile Floors – We can scrub ceramic tile flooring, cleaning cracks and crevices, and restore grout to like-new color and cleanliness. Additionally, we can seal most tile and grout to help prevent future staining and bacteria growth.

Raw Concrete and Painted Floors – We are able to apply a premium gloss finish to raw concrete and to painted wood or concrete floors which helps to seal the concrete against staining, and turns a bland floor into a show floor.